Swedish Ultra bike 610, SUb 610, is the world’s most northern RAAM- Qualifier (RQ) where it is located in Sweden on the same general altitude as Stockholm.

It is RAAM-Style i.e a support vehicle is required.

The race is open to solo riders, two person teams and tandems. Velomobiles and other special bikes are welcome. Bicycles with electrical assistance are not allowed.

Time limit

Solo riders are qualified for RAAM when finishing within 32 hours. Teams are not required to qualify for RAAM. The RAAM qualification is good for two years following the year of qualification.

The route

The route is 610 km. Start and finish is at the Best Western Hotel Scheele in Köping. The race is held on open roads with mostly very limited traffic. The route takes you through sparsely populated areas and past beautiful lakes in vast pine forests.
The hills are up to five kilometers long but almost never steep. They add up to nearly 5000 meters of elevation gain.

There will be a number of Time Stations (TS). All stations are unmanned. The crew will report passage by calling the race HQ.

TS 1   Färna 41 km
TS 2   Söderbärke 82
TS 3   Malingsbo 134
TS 4   Bredsjö 195
TS 5   Filipstad 242
TS 6   Molkom 276
TS 7   Sunne 342
TS 8   Sunnemo 385
TS 9   Lesjöfors 445
TS 10  Hjulsjö 500
TS 11  Lindesberg 540
TS 12  Medåker 594

Map of the Race Route



Friday, August 3  

17.00-18.00: Check-in at Best Western Hotel Scheele

17.00-18.00: Inspections

18.00-19.00: Mandatory racer meeting (racer and crew chief)

Saturday, August 4 

8.00 Solo Ultra racers start. Maximum time 32 hours.

9.00 Two person team/tandem Ultra racers start. Maximum time 32 hours.

Sunday, August 5 

17.00 Course closes for the Ultraracers.



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