Rules – Randonneur

  1. Drafting is not allowed in the solo division. The draft produced during the overtaking of another racer has to be kept to a minimum. That also goes for when a support car is overtaking a racer.
  2. Riders and support vechicles have to keep at least 30 meters/100 feet between them and other racers and their support vehicles.
  3. All kinds of bicycles (including recumbents, velomobiles, handbikes) are allowed as long as they are driven to 100 % by muscles. No e-bikes of any kind.
  4. You must wear a helmet while riding.
  5. You must use powerful lights 20.00-8.00 hrs: white in front and red in rear. Every rider must bring a spare set of strong lights in working order.
  6. You must wear a highly visible vest and wear reflective ankle bracelets at 20.00-8.00 hrs.
  7. You must not impede traffic.
  8. You must report to Head Quarters (HQ) within 30 minutes after you have arrived at a RandonneurTime station (TS). For safety reasons you need to be standing still while contacting HQ.
  9. If leaving the race route you must return to the point where you left the route to continue racing.
  10. In order to be an official finisher you must ride the entire course within the allotted time.
  11. Team randonneurs shall ride together at all times. Both riders have to cross the finish line separated by no more than a bikes length
  12. If you abandon the race you must notify race HQ as soon as you can.
  13. If you violate any of these rules a penalty of 30 minutes might be issued for each occasion. If you don’t stop at a stop sign a penalty of 120 minutes will be issued. Running a red light may lead to an immediate disqualification.


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