Riding a brevet means that you ride self-supported. Group riding is allowed and a common thing in the randonné world.  You are on the same course as the ultracyclist though riding anti clockwise, contrary to the supported division (according to the ACP rules).  You confirm that you have completed the correct route by collecting stamps (or equivalent) at shops etc in a brevet card. Sometimes there are no open services so then any person you meet can sign the card. I necessary, a photo that you send to us (or show us after you have finished) is alright.

The brevet is not a RAAM qualifier, it’s not even a race.

Velomobiles and other special bikes are welcome as long as they are without electrical assistance.

Time limit

40 hours.

The Route

The route is 610 km. Start and finish is at the Best Western Hotel Scheele in Köping. The race is held on open roads with mostly very limited traffic. The route takes you through sparsely populated areas and past beautiful lakes in vast pine forests.

The hills are up to five kilometers long but almost never steep and they add up to nearly 5000 meters of elevation gain.

The route in the proper direction will be linked to later



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