Next race is in the last weekend of July or the first of August 2019. It’ll be decided later this year.

You are welcome to register from April 2019.

Swedish Ultrabike 610 is an ultra bike race in RAAM-style over 610 km in Sweden. Held for the first time in 2016 and as RAAM Qualifier since 2017.


Anders Strömnes the winner of the first SUb 610 in 2016, photo J. Wiking

Anders Strömnes the winner of the first SUb 610 in 2016, photo J. Wiking


In 2019 SUb 610 will give you more opportunities to race. We expand the format by introducing 300 km and 150 km supported races. Also, on the 610 km and 300 km courses you can ride an ACP brevet. In both cases the riders (randonneurs) ride in the opposite direction to the supported racers. A brevet is not a race.

If you want to qualify for solo RAAM you must compete on the 610 km course.

Maximum time for being qualified for RAAM as well as being an official finisher is 30 hours (new limit for 2019). The time stations are often small towns .

The race divisions (supported) are open to solo riders and two person teams.


The race and brevet hub is in Köping, 150 km from Stockholm. The course, on roads with mostly very limited traffic, takes you through sparsely populated areas and past beautiful lakes in vast pine forests. Small towns and villages do appear here and there. Many rather short climbs add up to nearly 5000 meters of elevation gain on the 610 course.


RAAM-style ultramarathon cycling is

  • non stop racing 600 km or longer (mostly longer).
  • a follow vehicle carries food, drink, clothes and spare parts to help you focus on the riding and minimize stop time. You facilitate the vehicle and crew.
  • no drafting.
  • racing on public roads.


Race route

The other routes are on their way.


This longdistance weekend is organized by CK Distans.

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