SUb610 2019 photos

Mirka Venturini, Italy, before start SUb610 2019

Mirka Venturini, Italy, a few seconds before starting SUb610 2019. A solo ultra bike race of 610 kilometers in Köping, Sweden Photo: Jonas Wiking

Mirka Venturini starts SUb610 2019

Mirka Venturini starts SUb610 2019 and the 610 kilometers bike race is under way. Photo: Jonas Wking

Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr SUb610 2019

Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr, getting ready to start SUb610 2019. Saturday 3 August 2019 at 09:01 in the morning in Köping, Sweden. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Anna starts SUb610 2019

Anna starts SUb610 2019. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Anna rides towards Time station 1

Anna rides towards Time Station number 1 in Färna SUb610 2019. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Team Sigr at work

Team Sigr at work as Anna is heading towards TS1 Färna. Photo: Jonas Wiking


Mirka on the road towards Time Station number 1 Färna. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Mirka towards TS1 Färna

Mirka towards TS1 Färna. SUb610 2019. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Anna winning SUb610 2019

Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr, winning SUb610 2019 in 25 hours 45 minutes and 30 seconds. Köping, Sweden, Sunday 4 August 2019 at 10:46. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Mirka Venturini SUb610 2019, with rainbow

Mirka Venturini heading towards the second place at the finish in Köping and a RAAM qualifying time in SUb610 2019 Photo: Mauro Farabegoli

The winning team, Team Sigr SUb610 2019

The winning team, Team Sigr SUb610 2019. Elisabeth Faijersson, Anna Friborg, Christian Behre and Kari Hästö. Photo: Jonas Wiking

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SUb610 2019 ‘live’

Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr wins SUb610 Solo Ultra division 2019 in a new fastest time by a female racer. Mirka Venturini, Italy finishes in second place in the all female starting field.

Official results Swedish Ultrabike 610 2019
1 Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr 25 hours 45 minutes 30 seconds
2 Mirka Venturini, Italy, 32 hours 24 minutes 25 seconds

The SUb610 2019 race was the first RAAM-style ultra race for Anna and this year is her third season as a long distance cyclist. She was riding very efficiently throughout the race resulting in a total stopping time of only 1 hour 45 min, giving her a total average speed of 23.7 km/h. Mirka in second place managed an average speed of 18.8 km/h.

Both Mirka and Anna are now qualified for Race Across America, RAAM, solo division!

Below are the passage times from SUb610 2019 as the teams reported from the Time Stations (TS) along the 610km long route. The positions represents each Time Station. The speed is the overall average speed, i.e. including stopping time.

Start Köping, 3 August 2019
09:00 1 Mirka Venturini, Italy
09:01 2 Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr

TS1 Färna 41 km
10:27 Anna Friborg 28.6 km/h
10:31 Mirka Venturini 27.0 km/h

TS2 Söderbärke 84 km
11:58 Anna Friborg 28.5 km/h
12:13 Mirka Venturini 26.1 km/h

TS3 Malingsbo 135 km
13:57 Anna Friborg 27.4 km/h
14:31 Mirka Venturini 24.5 km/h

TS4 Bredsjö 196 km
16:34 Anna Friborg 26.0 km/h
17:42 Mirka Venturini 22.5 km/h

Both racers have had a trouble free first third of the SUb 610 race on their bikes. Except maybe for a 2 km long gravel section after Kopparberg. The reason for that was a really “thorough” road works. This is basically a race on sealed roads but you have to be prepared for a less smooth surface.

TS5 Filipstad 243 km
18:34 Anna Friborg 25.4 km/h
20:15 Mirka Venturini 21.6 km/h

TS6 Molkom 277 km
20:00 Anna Friborg 25.2 km/h
21:49 Mirka Venturini 21.6 km/h

Anna is planning for a hour rest at TS 7, Sunne. The distance is 65 km and the road is undulating for the better part. Mirka has kept her average speed since the last TS.

TS7 Sunne 342 km
22:50 Anna Friborg 24.8 km/h
01:43 Mirka Venturini 20.5

Anna changed her plan from pausing by Selma Spa in Sunne to keep on riding into the stillness of the forests by night. Now heading east, in general.

Mirka continues. Through the night.

TS8 Sunnemo 385
00:53 Anna Friborg 24.2 km/h
05:15 Mirka Venturini 19.0 km/h

Mirka actually did have a rest at Selma Spa in Sunne. She sat comfortably in one of the plush sofas in the lounge. The light’s back since nearly an hour which makes it easier for Mirka and Anna to focus on keeping their bikes moving.

TS9 Lesjöfors 445 km
03:40 Anna Friborg 23.8 km/h
08:29 Mirka Venturini 18.9 km/h

TS10 Hjulsjö 500 km
05:56 Anna Friborg 23.9 km/h
11:39 Mirka Venturini 18.7 km/h

Anna managed to raise her average speed a bit during the 55 km since the last TS. That’s not telling too much since it’s been downhill all the way.  She hasn’t been sleepy during the night at all. The team reports the lowest temperature to have been just under 7 degrees Celsius and 9 degrees when passing TS10 Hjulsjö early in the morning. Not the most comfortable temperatures in the summer for most people but at sun up in this area it is certainly not the lowest on record.

TS11 Lindesberg 541 km
07:56 Anna Friborg 23.6 km/h
13:47 Mirka Venturini 18.8 km/h

TS12 Medåker 595 km
10:08 Anna Friborg 23.7 km/h
16:35 Mirka Venturini 18.8 km/h

Finish Köping 610 km
10:46 Anna Friborg 23.7 km/h average speed
17:24 Mirka Venturini 18.8 km/h

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SUb 610 2019 registration is open

The registration for Swedish Ultrabike 2019 is open. Qualify for RAAM with our full 610 km distance or try out ultra bike riding with 150 or 310 km distances. Shorter but still demanding rides.

The winning smile SuB 610 2018

Mikael and the winning smile SUb 610 2018. Will you look as fresh a few minutes after finishing in 2019? Photo: Jonas Wiking

The winning team SuB610 2018

The winning team SUb610 2018. John, Joe, Mikael and Britt-Marie . Photo: Jonas Wiking

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New distances 2019 – half- and quarter-sub – 310 km and 150 km

We are adding two new distances in 2019. A half-sub of 310 km and a quarter-sub of 150 km. The new routes will be published later – both will provide for challenging ultra bike races.

Our tried and tested full distance SUb 610 is the one to choose if you really want to challenge yourself and maybe get that RAAM qualification.

Mikael SUb610 2018

Mikael in front of his crew car SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

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Photos from Dalarna, Sweden SUb610 2018

The riders of SUb610 2018 had to deal with an unexpected road work which lead to some gravel riding on their way to Dalarna, Sweden.
Varied weather for the riders and their crews through Dalarna Sweden, mostly sunny with about 22 – 25 degrees Celsius but also some drizzle and fairly slight bike riding friendly winds.

Anders gravel detour SUb610 2018

Anders Andersson gravel detour SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

Anders gravel end

Anders the end of the gravel detour SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

Anders small road

Anders Andersson small road SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

Mikael refueling Smedjebacken

Mikael Henriksson and crew refueling at Smedjebacken, Dalarna Sweden SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

Mikael Smedjebacken

Mikael looking in good condition in Smedjebacken, Dalarna after about 110 km SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

Mikael tempo

Mikael tempo-position SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

Mikael SUb610 2018

Mikael in front of his crew car SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

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Photos from the start SUb610 2018

For the first time in SUb610s rather short history the riders had to face rain as there was some unexpected rain due to thunder at the start at Hotel Scheele in Köping Sweden.

Before the start SUb610 2018

Mikael Henriksson share some final instructions with his crew before the start, SUb610 2018. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Start SUb610 2018

Mikael Henriksson first out SUb610 2018. Photo:Jonas Wiking


Start SUb610 2018

Anders Andersson start SUb610 2018 Photo: Jonas Wiking

Start SUb610 2018

Anders Andersson, Varberg SWEDEN at the start of SUb610 2018 in Köping Sweden. Photo: Jonas Wiking

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SUb610 2018 ‘live’

SUb610 2018 is over. SUb610 2019 will feature a none RAAM qualifying distance of about 300 km in addition to the qualifying distance of 610 km.

Official Results SUb610 2018
1 Mikael Henriksson Michigan USA 27 hours 28 minutes 41 seconds
— Anders Andersson Varberg, Sweden DNF

Two riders started from Hotel Scheele in Köping in the Ultra Solo division of SUb 610 2018 in the morning of 4 August.

1 Mikael Henriksson, Michigan USA
2 Anders Andersson, Varberg SWEDEN

Mikael was first out at 08:00 and Anders started a minute later at 08:01. Unexpectedly it was raining and about 20 degrees Celcius. Some thunder could be heard in the distance out over lake Mälaren.

The rain was quickly replaced by sunshine and the temperature rose a couple of degrees to about 22 – 25, and remain there for all of  Saturday.

Mikael had a front wheel blowout puncture in the evening. Luckily he managed to avoid crashing and his crew had soon switched out the front wheel and installed the backup wheel. Anders was beginning to feel sleepy in the run in towards the turn around point at Selma Spa, Sunne, Värmland, Sweden at 342 km. He and his crew, The Heavenly Ride, decided to take a sleep break at the turn around point. When Anders got going again after about an hours sleep, he was initially able to find a good pace but after awhile he started experiencing fatigue in his legs. Anders and his crew tried a couple of shorter recovery stops to try to get the legs turning over properly again. But this was not his day and at Time Station 9 Lesjöfors the decision was made to abandon the race.

Meanwhile Mikael was extending his lead through the night and into the early morning. Mikael did not feel the need to sleep. After having negotiated the last major hill before Time Station 11 Lindesberg, Mikael finished by riding strongly in the much appreciated tailwind towards the finish and victory in Köping, Sweden.

The planned and unplanned detours of SUb610 2018 means that the distance this year was longer than previous editions, probably close to 625 km.

The organisers would like to thank the riders and crew members for making SUb610 2018 memorable.

Start Köping
08:00 1 Mikael Henriksson
08:01 2 Anders Andersson

TS1 Färna 41 km
09:30 Mikael Henriksson 27.3 km/h
09:38 Anders Andersson 25.4 km/h

TS2 Söderbärke 84 km
11:27 Mikael Henriksson 24.3 km/h
11:51 Anders Andersson 21.9 km/h

The riders had to do a detour before Fagersta because of an unreported road work. They even had to contend with some 5 km of gravel riding. The crews handled the navigational challenge as seasoned pros.
The rain stopped and the sun is now shining. The unplanned gravel road was dry.

Smedjebacken 12:37 Mikael and his crew took a short stop at the gas station to fill up on water. Mikael was looking strong. At 12:55 Anders rode on while his crew took a stop at the same gas station.

TS3 Malingsbo 135 km
13:33 Mikael Henriksson 24.3 km/h
14:10 Anders Andersson 22.0 km/h

TS4 Bredsjö 196 km
15:58 Mikael Henriksson 24.6 km/h
17:17 Anders Andersson 21.2 km/h

Mikael has been riding strong in the false flats towards Kopparberg and TS4 at Bredsjö. Varied weather in Dalarna, 20-25 degrees Celcius and mostly sunny but some drizzle also and bike riding friendly winds.

TS5 Filipstad 243 km
18:05 Mikael Henriksson 24.1 km/h
19:18 Anders Andersson 21.5 km/h

Mikael had a quick visit in his old hometown Filipstad.

TS6 Molkom 277 km
19:31 Mikael Henriksson 24.1 km/h
20:47 Anders Andersson 21.7 km/h

TS7 Sunne 342 km
22:05 Mikael Henriksson 24.3 km/h
23:55 Anders Andersson 21.5 km/h

Mikael reached the turnaround point at Selma Spa in Sunne, Värmland Sweden with a lead of 1 hour 50 minutes over Anders. Anders decided to sleep for about an hour after he reached Sunne. Mikael was thus able to extend his lead thanks to Anders’ sleeping stop. Mikael has not yet felt the need to sleep.

TS8 Sunnemo 385 km
00:30 Mikael Henriksson 23.3 km/h
03:14 Anders Andersson 20.0 km/h

Anders managed to get going with a good pace after having slept in Sunne, Värmland.

TS9 Lesjöfors 445 km
03:21 Mikael Henriksson 23.0 km/h
07:20 Anders Andersson 19.1 km/h DNF

12 degrees Celcius in the middle of the night at Lesjöfors, which is usually the coldest point of the SUb610 ride.

Anders Andersson abondons after TS9. He did not have the legs this time.

TS10 Hjulsjö 500 km
05:40 Mikael Henriksson 23.1 km/h

TS11 Lindesberg 541 km
07:58 Mikael Henriksson 22.6 km/h

Note that the speed calculation is incorrect from Lindesberg due to a preplanned alternative route this year in towards TS11 in Lindesberg. The road with the 10% slope at Siggebohyttan is closed due to road works and the alternative route is some 5 km longer.

TS12 Medåker 595 km
10:54 Mikael Henriksson 22.1 km/h

Finish Köping 610 km
11:28 Mikael Henriksson 22.2 km/h


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