SUb610 2019 ‘live’

Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr wins SUb610 Solo Ultra division 2019 in a new fastest time by a female racer. Mirka Venturini, Italy finishes in second place in the all female starting field.

Official results Swedish Ultrabike 610 2019
1 Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr 25 hours 45 minutes 30 seconds
2 Mirka Venturini, Italy, 32 hours 24 minutes 25 seconds

The SUb610 2019 race was the first RAAM-style ultra race for Anna and this year is her third season as a long distance cyclist. She was riding very efficiently throughout the race resulting in a total stopping time of only 1 hour 45 min, giving her a total average speed of 23.7 km/h. Mirka in second place managed an average speed of 18.8 km/h.

Both Mirka and Anna are now qualified for Race Across America, RAAM, solo division!

Below are the passage times from SUb610 2019 as the teams reported from the Time Stations (TS) along the 610km long route. The positions represents each Time Station. The speed is the overall average speed, i.e. including stopping time.

Start Köping, 3 August 2019
09:00 1 Mirka Venturini, Italy
09:01 2 Anna Friborg, Sweden, Team Sigr

TS1 Färna 41 km
10:27 Anna Friborg 28.6 km/h
10:31 Mirka Venturini 27.0 km/h

TS2 Söderbärke 84 km
11:58 Anna Friborg 28.5 km/h
12:13 Mirka Venturini 26.1 km/h

TS3 Malingsbo 135 km
13:57 Anna Friborg 27.4 km/h
14:31 Mirka Venturini 24.5 km/h

TS4 Bredsjö 196 km
16:34 Anna Friborg 26.0 km/h
17:42 Mirka Venturini 22.5 km/h

Both racers have had a trouble free first third of the SUb 610 race on their bikes. Except maybe for a 2 km long gravel section after Kopparberg. The reason for that was a really “thorough” road works. This is basically a race on sealed roads but you have to be prepared for a less smooth surface.

TS5 Filipstad 243 km
18:34 Anna Friborg 25.4 km/h
20:15 Mirka Venturini 21.6 km/h

TS6 Molkom 277 km
20:00 Anna Friborg 25.2 km/h
21:49 Mirka Venturini 21.6 km/h

Anna is planning for a hour rest at TS 7, Sunne. The distance is 65 km and the road is undulating for the better part. Mirka has kept her average speed since the last TS.

TS7 Sunne 342 km
22:50 Anna Friborg 24.8 km/h
01:43 Mirka Venturini 20.5

Anna changed her plan from pausing by Selma Spa in Sunne to keep on riding into the stillness of the forests by night. Now heading east, in general.

Mirka continues. Through the night.

TS8 Sunnemo 385
00:53 Anna Friborg 24.2 km/h
05:15 Mirka Venturini 19.0 km/h

Mirka actually did have a rest at Selma Spa in Sunne. She sat comfortably in one of the plush sofas in the lounge. The light’s back since nearly an hour which makes it easier for Mirka and Anna to focus on keeping their bikes moving.

TS9 Lesjöfors 445 km
03:40 Anna Friborg 23.8 km/h
08:29 Mirka Venturini 18.9 km/h

TS10 Hjulsjö 500 km
05:56 Anna Friborg 23.9 km/h
11:39 Mirka Venturini 18.7 km/h

Anna managed to raise her average speed a bit during the 55 km since the last TS. That’s not telling too much since it’s been downhill all the way.  She hasn’t been sleepy during the night at all. The team reports the lowest temperature to have been just under 7 degrees Celsius and 9 degrees when passing TS10 Hjulsjö early in the morning. Not the most comfortable temperatures in the summer for most people but at sun up in this area it is certainly not the lowest on record.

TS11 Lindesberg 541 km
07:56 Anna Friborg 23.6 km/h
13:47 Mirka Venturini 18.8 km/h

TS12 Medåker 595 km
10:08 Anna Friborg 23.7 km/h
16:35 Mirka Venturini 18.8 km/h

Finish Köping 610 km
10:46 Anna Friborg 23.7 km/h average speed
17:24 Mirka Venturini 18.8 km/h

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