SUb 610 2017 Halfway Summary

Sunne in Värmland, Sweden is the turning point of Swedish Ultrabike 610 at 342 km.
Andreas Holm Gylling, Denmark reached Sunne at 18:38 with an average speed of 32.4 km/h. He is still on target for going sub 19 hours and claiming the bonus prize. The course record of 22 hours 47 minutes and 7 seconds is well within reach for Andreas.

The two man team of Anton Lindberg and Martin Henrysson in the Randonneur-division reached Sunne at 19:41. They were both feeling great and had enjoyed the scenery along the route sofar. They are still loooking good for reaching Köping inside 24 hours which is their time goal.

Chris Marshall was next into TS7 Sunne at 20:47. It is his first time racing any thing near this distance even if he has done longish rides before.

Morgan Einarsson reached Sunne at 23:26 but decided not to continue the race. His left knee was acting up.

Richard Rostad decided to stop racing between Molkom and Sunne at about 323 km.

SUb 610 started at 08:00 in the morning in Köping Sweden. Initially overcast and about 10 degrees Celsius and light winds.


Martin Henrysson and Anton Lindberg were first out riding as a two man team in the Randonneur-division Photo: Jonas Wiking

It did not take long for the sun to break through and the temperature ris to about 20 degrees Celsius.


Andreas Holm Gylling, Denmark Photo:Jonas Wiking

Not long after the start Andreas Holm Gylling, Denmark was the first rider on the road covering the first couple of Time Stations with an average speed of 33-34 km/h.


Chris Marshall approaching Söderbärke Photo: Jonas Wiking


Chris Marshall Photo: Jonas Wiking


Morgan Einarsson in Söderbärke Photo: Jonas Wiking


Richard Rostad, Norway in Söderbärke Photo: Jonas Wiking


Energy Photo: Jonas Wiking

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